six words about dental implants… starting with lifespan

Dentures and dental implants in Varsity offer very different solutions for tooth loss. Dentures have a long reputation for success while implants have become by far the most popular alternative. Despite being more expensive than dentures on an up-front basis, implants are the superior option for the following reasons:

Lifespan. Dentures have an approximate lifespan of 10 to 15 years in addition to needing to be relined every couple of years. That, of course, is in addition to the fact that dentures need to be taken out of your mouth every night to be cleaned. Dental implants near you, on the other hand, may last your lifetime once placed in your jaw and mouth. Implants look, feel and act just like natural teeth except that they may last longer.

Ease. Whether you have one or more one-tooth implants or full sets of All on 4 Dental Implants, caring for those implants is no different than the way you would care for a mouth full of healthy and natural teeth. Brush, floss, rinse, repeat. Dentures are a whole other story and have to be taken out every night and cleaned manually.

Imperceptible. Of all the things people say about dentures, no one says that you can’t even notice them. Even at their very best, dentures have a tendency to feel loose or insecure. Rooted as they are directly into your jaw, implants feel like nothing more than the natural teeth they replace. Which is to, really like nothing at all.

Freeing. Even if dentures did let you eat whatever you wanted — and they don’t — it is unlikely that any denture wearer will ever feel like they can do that. Without denying the great deal of good that dentures have done for millions of people for generations, they’ve always been an exercise of nervousness. Implants, on the other hand, truly restore your natural freedom to eat whatever you wish without a second thought.

Healthier. One of the most significant downsides of dentures is something they can hardly be blamed for. They don’t do anything to prevent the loss of jaw bone density and mass inevitably caused by the absence of tooth roots following tooth loss. How could they, seeing as they sit atop your gums without penetrating your gums? Thanks to the unique materials from which dental implants are made, though, they are accepted by your body — and most importantly by your jaw — as if they were natural living tissue. Your jaw bone fuses to the titanium as if it were a natural tooth root and is even stimulated to grow new bone tissue as a result.

Natural. Dentures are a marvel of materials science in the way they mimic the presence of natural teeth within natural gums. It is always an act of mimicry, though. Those materials can not possibly provide the same biofeedback that exists when using real gum tissue and teeth. In addition to that, dentures separate us from the sensation of earring by imposing an acrylic barrier that changes the shape of our mouth. With dental implants near you, it’s different. The shape of your mouth is unchanged. It’s true that the sensations created by the meeting of teeth and food are different with dental crowns, but the experience of pressure and leverage generated by the jaw is nearly identical.

Dentures remain a valuable option for people unable to claim the benefits of dental implants from a dentist in Varsity. Were this the dentistry Olympics, dentures would certainly medal. But there’s simply no catching the transformative effect of dental implants that have set the gold standard. If you’re ready to discover the benefits of implants for you and your life, reach out to a dentist near you.