General Dentistry Near You

Delivering high-quality preventative dental care allows us to maintain your family’s oral health continuously. That's why we offer general dentistry in NW Calgary.

By diagnosing and intervening early, we can deliver better overall outcomes and help you spend less time in the dental chair. We offer general dentistry near you, which include many common dental procedures, all provided in a convenient and comfortable setting.

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general dentistry in nw calgary

Dental Sealants

Our experienced dentists and dental hygienists use dental sealants as a preventative treatment. Dental sealants can help prevent tooth decay from progressing to the point where cavities form in the teeth. Although they’re most often used for children and teens, they can also be used for adult patients. 

Dental X-Rays

A key part of general dentistry near you, dental x-rays are used to diagnose and treat a wide range of dental and oral health issues. Our dental team uses high-quality dental technology to capture various types of x-ray images of your teeth and examine them for irregularities or concerns. These images are used to create personalized treatment plans that perfectly fit your dental needs.

Comprehensive Oral Exams

Oral and dental examinations are an important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of oral disease, tooth decay or defects, and oral trauma. Greystone Family Dental uses a combination of tools, technology, and techniques to assess issues and address them in our oral examinations. Regular exams can ensure that we stay up to date on any issues and address them quickly and effectively.

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Root Canals

Extensive tooth decay is a very common concern for patients, which is why many Canadians require root canal procedures at some point in their lives. When tooth pain begins to impact your life, you’ll want relief as quickly as possible. Greystone Family Dental can provide root canal procedures directly from the comfort of our dental office in NW Calgary.

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Teeth Extractions

Tooth extraction doesn’t need to be stressful or painful. In fact, it can often provide a great sense of relief for patients. We provide wisdom teeth removals and other simple extractions at our dental office so our patients can relax in a familiar place during their appointments. 

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Teeth Whitening

Many of our patients come to us with the same goal: Achieving whiter, brighter teeth. A pearly white smile is often easier to achieve than most patients realize. Our professional whitening products and services can help you feel more confident when you speak and smile, leading to a better overall quality of life. 

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