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Extensive tooth decay is a very common challenge in dentistry, which is why many Canadians require root canal procedures at some point in their lives.

When tooth pain begins to impact your life, you’ll want relief as quickly as possible. At Greystone Family Dental, we offer root canal therapy in NW Calgary.

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Maintaining Your Smile, One Tooth at a Time

Advanced tooth decay occurs when bacteria are able to enter a tooth and affect the tooth pulp (soft tissue containing blood vessels and nerves). Root canal procedures are often recommended to treat advanced tooth decay. A root canal allows us to clear out the infected tooth pulp and preserve the hard outer shell of the natural tooth. This prevents the spread of infection while leaving the normally functioning tooth intact. 

Root canal treatments are very common and typically straightforward procedures. We provide our patients with a local anesthetic to make the process as comfortable and painless as possible. 

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If you have been experiencing continuous tooth pain, it may be time for a dental x-ray to determine if tooth decay is at the root of your pain. Book a comprehensive dental exam today to start the path to pain-free eating, smiling, and talking! Looking for root canal treatment near you? We offer root canal therapy in NW Calgary. Contact us today!

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