how mouthguards protect your childs teeth

Did you know that many knocked-out teeth cases are due to sports? Many contact sports can cause injuries due to trauma to the face that can damage a child’s smile. At Greystone Family Dental, we have seen various cases of broken, cracked and lost teeth due to sports. Many accidents can happen while running in the field or skating on ice. Thankfully, there are ways to protect their teeth from dental injuries with mouthguard.

What are Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are custom-made dental devices to fit over a patient’s smile and protect their teeth. They are commonly made out of soft plastic and prevent injuries to the teeth, lips and gums.

Your Varsity dentist will create your mouthguard in a couple of appointments. During your consultation visit, they will explain how to wear and care for the mouthguard. They will then take a dental impression of your mouth and use it to mould a mouthguard to fit precisely over your smile. Once the device has been finalized, your dentist will request you come to the dental clinic for a fitting and ensure the guard will work properly when protecting your teeth.

Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards are typically made at a dental clinic, but some mouthguards in Varsity can also be purchased over the counter or online.

Many parents may opt for the easy option and purchase a mouthguard for their child without consulting with a dentist. They may believe that these are enough to protect their child’s teeth, but they do not offer quality protection. These mouthguards are typically one size fits all or hard to mould onto their teeth. They can be uncomfortable, bulky, interfere with the child’s breathing, and will not fully protect the child’s smile due to their imperfect fit.

Greystone Family Dental recommends visiting a dentist near you for a professionally made mouthguard. These will be custom-made for your child and will offer better protection. They will fit properly and be comfortable, making them easy to wear while playing their favourite sports. Sports mouthguards are highly common for children, and your dentist will create an excellent device for you.

How Do They Work?

Mouthguards used during sports are worn over the teeth to form a layer of protection between your smile and the impact. Without this protection, a tooth may be easily knocked out or cracked due to the pressure it receives. Mouthguards are made of plastic to ensure their long durability and resist impacts and tears. A mouthguard is a durable way to protect a child’s smile from these injuries.

Apart from offering protection during sports, special mouthguards may also be created to protect children’s teeth from bruxism. This is the unconscious grinding of the teeth during sleep. An overnight mouthguard will protect teeth from the damage created by the grinding and other further issues, such as TMJ.

Caring For Mouthguards

To ensure the mouthguards are working correctly to protect your child’s smile, patients should take proper care of the device. Before and after use, clean the guard with cold water. Avoid using hot water, which can modify the shape of the plastic used to create the structure. In addition, ensure your child brushes their teeth before wearing the guard, so no bacteria transfers over to the surface of the mouthguard. After use, and once they have been rinsed, store the device in a well-ventilated container given to you by your dentist.

Regularly check the mouthguards are in good condition and contact your dentist to get a new device if yours needs to be replaced. Although they are durable, the guards will not last forever and need replacement every two to three years.

Interested in Getting Mouthguards Near You?

To ensure your child’s teeth are not damaged while they play their favourite sports, visit Greystone Family Dental to get them protective mouthguards. Our dental clinic’s main priority is caring for our patient’s smiles. We will be happy to help you ensure your kid’s oral health is in shape and their smile matures safely!